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Research for UK markets

ROI Team is the leading research company for the Markets’ Sector in the UK


UK Markets Index – the first independent measure of business in UK markets

Research for Business Improvement Districts

Research for Business Improvement Districts

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Our Services

ROI Team is approach-agnostic. We have no products or commitment to resources that oblige us to recommend a particular solution to you. The research approach that we recommend will depend entirely on your objectives and budgets.

Either in house or via trusted service partners we are able to offer any valid research technique that we believe will provide the dependable information that you want. A proposed programme may include any of the following techniques either as a single solution, or in combination with other techniques.

Primary Research

Quantitative Research techniques including:

  • Face-to-face interviewing (exit interviews, intercept interviews)
  • Online questionnaires
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Self-complete questionnaires

Measurement of ‘traffic’ past a point or around a site

  • Footfall counting
  • Mapping of shopper and visitor journeys
  • Counting of vehicle traffic

Qualitative techniques such as:

  • Focus Groups
  • Cluster Groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Accompanied shopping trips
  • Camera observation
  • Eye tracking (assessing attention levels to eg a screen)

Secondary Research

To learn new truths about customers or your business, it isn’t always necessary to commission original research.

Many clients already have valuable data (for example residential postcodes of their customer base) which can be processed to provide a wealth of new knowledge about the preferences and aspirations of a customer base.

Sometimes an economical solution is to use existing data, published reports, publicly available analysis, panel outputs, and a range of other sources to provide a fresh profile of a business or market sector.

A great wealth of good data is available in the public domain; we may complement this by licencing existing commercially available data to ‘fuse’ two data sets, or fuse a commercial data set with your own proprietary data. In this way we have used data licenced from ACORN, Mosaic, Retail Footprint, Footfall, CACI, OfCOM, the ONS, Shoppertrak, Target Group Index (TGI) and many other sources to provide a breadth of information for clients.

Sector Research

Using our established link with Brunel University, we are able to swiftly assemble a strong Desk Research team able to draw the most valid and dependable material from the huge range of sources available.

We use internet research, library research, and research of sector press and journals to provide an easy-to-understand profile of market sectors, geographical areas, new product developments etc.

Action Points:


    Want to join our Interviewers Team?
    We are always looking for confident and reliable people to join our team of occasional interviewers.

    Working mainly in retail environments carrying out face to face market research interviewing, we are interested to hear from men and women aged over 18, who are not afraid to approach and engage with people, and who are able to work on their feet

    If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us by sending your biography with a short covering note to recruitment@roiteam.co.uk. Please state in the subject box ‘ROI Team Interviewers’

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