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Research for UK markets

ROI Team is the leading research company for the Markets’ Sector in the UK


UK Markets Index – the first independent measure of business in UK markets

Research for Business Improvement Districts

Research for Business Improvement Districts

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Our field of competence

We are a leading company in research-based understanding of consumer behaviour. We use findings from original and secondary research to assist clients to address business issues and develop winning strategies.

We have proven expertise in four areas:


Understanding behaviour, preferences and perceptions of shoppersClients include retailers, owners and managers of shopping centres and other shopping locations, and property developers.

We provide answers to questions about shoppers and customers including:

  • Who are your shoppers/customers?
  • Where are they travelling from?
  • What is attracting them to your centre?
  • What do they want to buy?
  • How are they reacting to your new line?
  • How much do they spend?
  • How do they compare your centre with other favoured destinations?
  • How do they compare your product with the competition?
  • Do they recall any of your promotions or advertising?
  • Which local and regional media do they consume?
  • Which are your most valuable shoppers/customers?
  • Where will you find more of them?

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Understanding the changing dynamics of town centres; identifying the changes that visitors and potential visitors are asking for; identifying the visitors who are avoiding your town centre, and where to find themClients include Local Authorities, Town centre partnerships and consortia, and Business Improvement Districts.

We provide answers to questions about visitor behaviour including:

  • Who are your visitors?
  • Why are they visiting your town centre?
  • What do they do when they get there?
  • What do they miss in your town?
  • What is their current perception of your town?
  • How do they compare it against local competition?
  • Why are rejectors avoiding your town?
  • Where are they going instead?
  • What would entice them to visit your town centre, or to visit more often?
  • Which local and regional media do they consume?

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Understanding patients’ awareness of medical and commercial initiatives targeting themClients include the Department of Health, budget-holders within the NHS at both local and national level, and commercial brands and charities wishing to communicate with NHS users.

We pose questions to assess reaction to initiatives and propensity to act on their proposition; understanding of campaigns, specific messages delivered, and specific products and services offered.

To answer the wish for privacy in the medical environment, we often use a self-complete methodology to gather information in places such as hospital clinics and GP surgeries.

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Understanding the impact on consumers, and the value delivered to advertisers, of media communication channels. Clients include media owners, especially community and out-of-home TV operators.

We ask questions to media consumers including:

  • Awareness of your medium
  • Recall of specific programmes and commercials
  • Recall of different styles of content
  • How likely are they to respond to propositions and calls to action?
  • What do they compare your medium to?
  • What is the next thing they intend to do?
  • What is the next thing they intend to buy?

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Action Points:


    Want to join our Interviewers Team?
    We are always looking for confident and reliable people to join our team of occasional interviewers.

    Working mainly in retail environments carrying out face to face market research interviewing, we are interested to hear from men and women aged over 18, who are not afraid to approach and engage with people, and who are able to work on their feet

    If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us by sending your biography with a short covering note to recruitment@roiteam.co.uk. Please state in the subject box ‘ROI Team Interviewers’

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